battery service

Batteryservice is just one many services we offer.

Batteries who were not charged over months, batteries who were wrongly stored or just been treated wrong can be damaged.

We analyize, diagnose and repair!

We are also able to build customized batteries and systems. Contact us and let us know how we can help.


event support

Races, Fairs, Pressconferences, there is a lot of events who need to be supported by professionels.

We are specialized for all of that and ready to give you a helping hand. Contact us and let us know about your needs, we are happy to help out!



trainings & seminars

We do technical trainings and seminars for professionels since 2007.

Marcin Sakowski is creating tech-trainings, work-on-verhicle seminars focused on the technique of electric vehicles, software, service and general knowledge.


Our trainings are made and will be created for manufacturers, dealers, special forces and many more. We have customers all over europe becoming professionell trainings, contact us for more information. 




service & support

We do service for electric vehicles all over europe.


1. Deluxe-customer-service

We have a mobile workshop driving threw europe to service customers vehicle at their home

2. Dealer-visit-service

We will come by if dealers needs our support.

3. Manufacturer-service-cooperation

We take over the whole service part for manufacturers like: warranty works, recalls, repairs, sparepart delivery....


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